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Machine Department:


In 2002 Crescent Pattern Company added a second department to the Crescent Pattern name, Crescent Machine. Since then, Crescent Machine quickly leveraged itself to the top of the machine prototype industry. Our massive machine floor houses over 30 HAAS machines, complete with a fully functioning inspection department and leak testing station. We pride ourselves on precision and strongly believe that our Machinist are some of the best in the world. Given our technological capabilities and personnel, we have unrivaled capacity and can handle even the most ambitious jobs. 

Sample Machine Shop Equipment:

  • Four (4) Brown & Sharpe CMM Global Image machines utilizing PCDMIS
  • EC 1600 HAAS Horizontal Machine Center
  • VF 6 HAAS Machine Center
  • VF 5 HAAS Machine Center
  • Super VF 4 HAAS VOP-B Machine Center
  • Six (6) VF 4 HAAS Machine Center
  • Four (4) VF 3 HAAS VOP-D Machine Centers
  • Three (3) VF 3 HAAS VOP-C Machine Centers
  • Two (2) VF 3YT HAAS Machine Center
  • VF 2 HAAS VOP-C Machine Center
  • Four (4) YT VF 2 Machine Centers
  • SL 30 HAAS Vector Dual Drive
  • SL 20 HAAS VOP-C Vector Dual Drive
  • Leak Testing Capabilities
  • Milli-pore Capabilities