Precision. Quality. Expert Craftsmanship.

8720 Northend Oak Park MI 48237
Proudly Made in the USA
Who We Are:

Precision, Quality, and Expert Craftsmanship. Since 1945, Crescent Pattern Company has been an industry leader, providing our customers with the highest quality prototype castings available. Crescent has capabilities unparalleled in the industry, allowing our many satisfied customers to enjoy the fastest deliveries at the most competitive prices.

What Sets Us Apart:

Customers in the prototyping business are well versed in juggling jobs between vendors, usually resulting in prolonged deliveries and headaches. When you deal with Crescent, these problems are eliminated. One core management team operates all facets of the prototyping process on one property, ensuring a high level of communication and attention to detail. What this means for the customer is faster response times, faster deliveries, and lower prices. 

What We Specialize In:

Housing all facets of prototype production on one property and under one experienced core management, Crescent Pattern has the unique ability to turn your ideas into reality. While our capabilities are always growing, we are experts in aluminum and iron sand casting. Over the years we have worked on a plethora of projects and have come to specialize in:

  • Cases
  • Converters
  • Extensions
  • Valve Bodies
  • Differentials
  • Cylinder Heads
  • Engine Blocks
  • Manifolds
  • Center Supports
  • Clutch Housing